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Posts tagged as “Astrophysics”

Newly Discovered Exoplanet Revealed: An Oceanic World Double Earth’s Size

Discover the enigmatic exoplanet TOI-733b, a rare, ocean-covered world twice Earth's size, offering new insights into the mysteries of planet formation and the intriguing 'radius valley'. Explore how this distant planet, discovered by NASA's TESS telescope, might hold key answers to the evolution of celestial bodies in the universe.

Black Holes May Not Be Black. Or Even Holes.

Explore the enigmatic cosmos in a new light as we delve into the intriguing hypothesis that challenges traditional notions of black holes. Discover dark stars, mysterious celestial entities with cores of dense, exotic matter that could unveil the secrets of dark matter and explain cosmic phenomena like fast radio bursts. Join us on a journey through the frontiers of astrophysics and cosmology, where the known and unknown converge, guided by the groundbreaking research of physicist Igor Nikitin.

Using small crystals discovered in the crust, scientists have been able to map Earth’s orbit around the galaxy

Unveil the mystifying relationship between Earth's crust formation and its cosmic voyage through the Milky Way. Discover how tiny mineral grains whisper tales of celestial encounters, molten tales from the planet's depths, and the rhythmic dance of our solar system with the galaxy's spiral arms.